Sunday, September 10, 2017

I'm good

Sorry I have not written anything in a few weeks. It is mostly because I have been working a lot, plus several family challenges have come up and when I am not working I am catching up at home or just plain crashing. I have been fighting a fatigue that is dragging me down quite a bit and leaving me no reserves at all.

Harvey missed us in NE Texas for which we feel very blessed, I do have family down by Houston and yes it was very bad. But I am very proud of how so many came together and are helping.
Now, with Irma tearing through Florida, I pray the same care and compassion comes through for them in the wake of such a disaster.

I am not even getting into anymore political rantings as there is much more important things going on in this country and around the world. All I can say is we really need to be more loving and compassionate towards each other, more forgiving and much more humble. 

I don't think or believe there is any one person who can fix all our magic formula or human who can figure out the answers we all seek. That is because the answers are inside of each and everyone of us. Christ talked about it all the time. The kingdom of God is within one another, humble ourselves, forgive others as we ask for forgiveness and treat people as we would like to be treated.

There is no political party or politician, no religion or preacher, who can fix this for us. It is each one of us doing our part. 

Love and prayers for all...
May the Creator of All give us the strength to endure and the love and compassion for one another...

Much love,


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Unknown said...

Very wise words, Judy! Glad you are OK in TX.

Blessings - Lee

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