Sunday, October 11, 2009

I bid you peace for the week....

How did you like the title of this blog? I thought we all could use a little peace whenever we can get it living on this planet. Since peace is a state of mind not a place, well.......I shall pass on the peace that passes all understanding and that is through Christ Jesus.....

I have been having a weird week.... not weird in that odd things have happened to me, (although odd things always seem to happen to me). What I mean is weird in that I can feel my spirit stretching in ways I am feeling a bit out of sorts with. You know kind of like when you start a new exercise program and muscles you have not used in a long while or maybe never before start to cramp and complain. You know it is a good thing but it is not always comfortable in the beginning.

I realize I am being a bit vague and maybe I will talk about it a bit more at a later time but suffice it to say....please keep me in your prayers.

I want to thank all of you who got to listen to my interview last night on UFO Encounters live, for taking the time to listen in. I think Ronnie and I are going to be doing a follow up soon. I will let you all know when.

I think Ronnie McMullen and Zeph Daniel are planning on doing something together as in an interview in the future as well and I will post that when I get the info. Ronnie and Zeph are wonderful to interview with.... They always step outside of the religious boxes... I love it!!!

Ok, so here is the next installments from Gentle Shepherd.... I think the two I am posting today are really good to ponder over a while.

Reading: 1 Samuel 24:1-6


We are considering the ways of that which is untamed or wild. This story is about the difference between one with an untamed heart and a person who is seeking to learn even more about the disciplines behind God’s promises, faith and patience.
David was the man being prepared to be a future king through discipline in the midst of the rocks of the wild goats. Goats are interesting creatures. They seek high places or pinnacles to stand upon. It is not that they are seeking perspective; they want to establish an impression of independence and dominance. Even though standing on a high place does not give them the position they seek, it does allow them to feel independent and on top of a matter.
The one who fits the example of the wild goat was Saul. He gave the impression he wanted to please God, but he would maintain his independence behind the fa├žade of devotion and dedication. Needless to say, God would strip away all outward facades to reveal an untamed heart. An untamed heart is an independent heart.
When you consider an independent heart, it produces a stiff-neck of obstinacy towards God and rebellious ways. It is always trying to figure a way around God in order to subtly exalt itself above Him, while looking humble and noble. The Bible does not refer to such a heart as independent, but proud.
King Saul’s heart brought him into opposition against God. He lost his right as king over Israel . He was turned over to an evil spirit that tormented him. In this case jealousy was driving him to destroy a righteous man.
Are you guarding your heart against independence?

Prayer: Lord, I Know my heart can become exalted against You, but my desire is to remain humble before You. Amen.

Reading: Isaiah 51:17-22


Going through the process of being tamed is not easy. It takes transformation of the mind, a change in the heart, and discipline of the ways. As we consider the undisciplined person, we can see why the Christian life is contrary to the unregenerate person who is not being tamed and trained by the Holy Spirit.
In these Scriptures God is trying to awaken Jerusalem from a drunken stupor. The reality of the people of Israel was that they were in a dull state. The things that drove them were fleshly. The young men were like wild bulls that were finding themselves entangled in a net. The more they struggled in the net, the more enraged they became.
The net was the people’s own doing. They had come into agreement with the unholy. As they became entangled in it, they became more insensitive to God. Now judgment would come upon them. As they struggled, they would become more and more aware of the net that was holding them.
The untamed man is insensitive to God. Such a person simply gives in to the ways of the flesh. Such ways entangle him or her into the net of judgment. This judgment ends in desolation, destruction, famine, and death.
The Lord does plead the cause for such people. The greatest point of His plea is the cross of Christ. It is not only God’s point of pleading with us, but also our point of discipline. The cross of Christ requires us to come into identification with Jesus, but it is also the greatest point of discipline of the untamed disposition within us. To tame our spiritual state and character means death to the old ways, famine to our pride, desolation of the old man, and destruction to our old life.
Is there a net around you, entrapping you, or have you been set free by the discipline of the cross of Christ?

Prayer: Lord, as Your people, we have been made free through the truth of Your cross. Keep me from once again becoming entangled in my old ways. Amen.

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